Royal Oud Diffuser
Royal Oud Diffuser

Royal Oud Diffuser

Oriental Woody Fragrance, with top notes of bitter orange, neroli and black pepper. Middle notes of cardamon, saffron and olibanum. Base notes of agarwood (oud), patchouli and leatherwood.

Elevate your daily travel and routine trips into a sensory adventure with this Designer Fragrances Diffuser. Luxury scents don't need to be restricted to the home, with our opulent fragrances every journey will be bursting with delightful aromas which last.

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Invigorate your drive

Our scented car diffusers invigorate your drive and allow you to travel in luxury with a range of delightful scents Choose your signature fragrance or change them around to suit your mood.

Available in range of 6 new Invigorating fragrances.