Meet our owner
Asiffa Gadatra

Asiffa has always been magnetised towards all thing’s designer fragrances and perfumes but hasn’t always been happy with the price tag! So, the mission statement was clear – Create beautiful smelling fragrances inspired by the best in the market, but at an affordable price. Designer Fragrances are all about the “Luxury feel at an affordable price”.

We were the innovators in the market for our high powered ‘Blast Can’ air freshener, which started off our wonderful journey into all thing’s fragrance based.

A lot of time and patience goes into our products, of course with the fragrance being number 1 priority! We source our fragrances from the best fragrance houses in the world, which enables us to have such great smelling fragrances.

So much time and care also go into our packaging and image, which demonstrates a clean and elegant design, which also ensures our products sit beautifully in your homes, cars, or office spaces.

We have now moved into our first range of personal care in the form of our body sprays for which we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback, and we can’t wait to see where we can take the brand to in the future! We are always innovating and trying to branch out into different fragrance-based products. Working at Designer Fragrances, it’s important you’ve got a good nose! So, watch this space for some more exciting product launches!